Expandable Steel Keychain Baton

Expandable Steel Keychain Baton


Stay ready with the 12" expandable steel baton. The baton expands from 5.5" to 12" with the flick of the wrist.



  • This self defense baton is easy to carry on you at all times. It is only 5.5 inches retracted and comes with a built-in keychain. 


    This baton is made out of steel and packs a powerful blow.  


    NOTE: When retracting the expandable steel baton, simply bang the tip onto a hard surface such as concrete (do not attempt on wood flooring as damage may result). Make sure that the baton is vertical and not at an angle when hitting it on the ground, or the baton could get damaged.


    Please watch our instructional video before purchase: How To Video


    We can not ship batons to California. In accordance with California law expandable batons can not be carried by civilians.